Where is your Happy Place?

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We are SOOOO excited about our new products that we rolled out a few months ago.  With all the hype of the Yeti- tumblers, we knew we had to jump in on the fun.  Unfortunately with our process, we can't use Yeti brand tumblers because they don't have the right coating for our process. Thankfully our vendors came through and created some that are ready for sublimation!  Now we can even put photos on these!!!!! We tested them on a boat, in the hot Texas sun, all day... and it held ice and kept my drink nice and cold all day.  We did an ice test and they went over 36 hours and still had ice in it.  

NO STICKERS! NO PAINT!! FULLY DISHWASHER SAFE!!!! The ink is baked into the coating of the mug, making the design permanent.  Want a picture of your little one to carry around, how about your significant other? Don't they need to carry your face around with them all day?  What about that fur baby you leave in the morning to go to work... now you can carry that sweet face with you!!!

Let us know what we can put on one for you!! Get creative! You wouldn't believe the things we have put on a mug. ;)

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